Q&A: How do I correct a shank?

Lucas Beal

Q: My wedges and irons are usually a strong point in my game, but since the start of this season I have a funny tendency from time to time. I will have a slice come off my club and not just a little, a hard low line drive straight to the right!! Got any suggestions?

A: I would have to say that a "hard low line drive straight to the right" hit with wedges and irons is usually not a slice but is a shank. A slice is very hard to hit with short irons since an open face, which causes a slice, usually hits the very high and only slightly to the right with short irons. A shank is caused by contacting the ball in the heel of the clubface. To correct a slice most easily, place a board just outside the ball and parallel to the target line and try to hit the ball off the toe without hitting the board.